Being at the heart of a pacesetting business is stimulating, but it brings increasing pressures. We all need a chance to recentre and refocus in order to take great decisions about the challenges we face.

Taking time out with a mentor can help you increase your chances of reaching your picture of success.

Working with Leading International Organisations, Sue Moore founded Amadeus Network Limited in 1998 to assist individuals, teams and organisations to build on their strengths, to concentrate on where they excel and make this the focus of their future success.

  • Offering one to one Executive Mentoring which is personal, strategic and grounded in practicalities.
  • Helping you build mentoring ‘faculties’ inside your business within a practical framework that works.
  • Working with your leadership teams to craft and drive your Picture of Success
  • Delivery is by one to one sessions, workshops or keynote presentations

Do browse the site or contact Sue Moore to explore mentoring possibilities further.

Sue Moore co-author of Strengths Coaching in 90 minutes

Sue Moore is the co-author of Strengths Coaching in 90 minutes with Mike pegg.

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