How do we approach mentoring

“I know I am marketable, but I want to stay with my current company. I had never before been offered the chance to consider my options in an open way. This has not only helped me clarify what I want to do, but it has confirmed my positive view of the company”



The strengths philosophy informs all our work.

This philosophy is that the greatest area of potential for individuals, teams and organisations is where they already perform supremely well.

High performing people, teams and companies build the future on where they are already brilliant rather than putting lots of energy into correcting their shortcomings. They make extreme use of their strengths and manage the consequences of their weaknesses.

Most of our time is spent helping organisations to get the right people, pursuing the right strategy and – most interestingly in the 21st century – leading their businesses in the ‘right way’

Great teams and great organisations achieve something special when they are turned on and passionate about something they believe in. They have a strong sense of passion, which they translate into a shared Picture of Success and a set of principles or values that they live in the day to day. They are incredibly goal focussed and have accepted the whole ‘deal’ – the pluses and minuses of pursuing their goals.

The starting point is getting the right people...

As Lee Iacocca has said:-

“In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words – people, product and profitability. Unless you have a great team – you cannot do much with the other two.”

The second part is to get the strategies right – the two or three key things which will load the dice in your favour and help you reach your Picture of Success – set you apart and make you special. You need to know what mountain you are climbing, but also the right way to climb it so that you set yourselves up for success.

The last part is to lead your business in the right way - the 21st century way – for example managing by outcomes rather than tasks has a dramatically different effect on how leaders spend their time


Most of our time is spent in external mentoring – one to one customised time

Some of our clients are also interested in building internal mentoring faculties – to build the capability inside their businesses. We have launched and driven such mentoring programmes across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and North America.

We know what works in building this critical capability from within.




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