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“As a leader there are so many issues I face which training and development programmes are not designed to answer. I need customised time out with someone I respect so that I can think. I need a stimulating sanctuary”


Mentoring - The Business Case
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Why should a business bother with mentoring? - the benefits to the individual seem apparent, but what is the payoff for the organisation?

This short article explains the business case and can be useful for those who wish to gain commitment internally to implement a mentoring programme within their company.

Building cultures where mentoring is a natural component has been gathering momentum in the business world for the last few years.

Mentoring is considered to be one of the critical skills in developing high performing companies as organisations look at how wisdom is transferred.

Being at the heart of a pacesetting business is great, but it brings increasing pressures. We all need a chance to recentre, take time out with someone we respect, get an overview of our options and raise the quality of our decision making.

Training and Development programmes have a crucial place, but they cannot anticipate all the challenges you will face in practice. Mentoring in partnership with such programmes can be a powerful combination.

'Unofficial mentoring' and executive mentoring has always been a part of high performing companies. While this is useful, an even greater benefit can be derived by developing a more business-like way of passing on knowledge and enabling those with high potential to be clear how best to contribute to the aspirations of the business.

This releases leaders to focus on shaping tomorrow's business, while rising managers can focus on managing today's business. Companies will need lots of self-managing people in the future; people who can find their own solutions to challenges.

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