What can mentoring offer

“I was considering leaving the business
until I had the chance to talk about how
to make my contribution in a more
effective way. The outcome is a much better
use of my strengths”


Increasingly in our fast paced working lives, we need to recentre and refocus; we need to take customised, confidential time out in order to gain overview of the internal and external challenges we face. We need to feel equipped from that time out to take some high quality decisions.

Mentoring is personal, strategic and grounded in practicalities.

Mentoring is about your agenda and your issues and the mentor's role is entirely focused on you and helping you reach your goals - whether this be...

  • Building a picture of success for your business with milestones people can believe in
  • Spending time getting your leadership team right
  • Taking charge of the next step in your career
  • Developing your leadership ability

It offers a stimulating sanctuary, where you can get overview. It can increase your repertoire of ideas, models and practical tools you can use in the day to day.

If you are a leader within a business you will want your people to spend each day doing what they do best. Mentoring partnerships offer the chance to get this right, by helping people focus on their 'A' talent and building their best possible contribution around that.

As a leader your role is to grow tomorrow's business, leaving your people to run today's business for you. To enhance your chance of success with this, you will need to build self managing teams. Mentoring can help build this skill.



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